Tuesday, December 09, 2008


one of the joys that pre-christmas season brings is when the family gather together to decorate their homes..

for 2L3Bs it's one of the best part.. last year our motiff was lavander and for 2008,we turned to basic: red, gold and green with angels and poinsettia everywhere..

this time, we were able to incorporate our brass candle holders and angel collections...

Happy Christmas everyone..! Hope everyone can feel and experience its true meaning..


Deanna said...

Loida, your Christmas decorations are beautiful. I would love to post them on my blog as I am putting a lot of my blogger friends pictures on my Timeless Things blog. Let me know if this is okay with you. I can dowload your pictures off of your blog and download them to my own server.

Deanna :)

2L3Bs World said...

thanks deanna, it would be our honor to be featured in your wholesome blogsite...
we highly appreciate being connected with you. you're such as good blog mate and friend.. God bless always..

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