Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas card

today we received a christmas card from our relatives in canada. they are the only ones sending the actual card these days..

almost all are now sending their joyful wishes via internet. as i had mentioned in our FS blogs, we highly miss those days when we used to collect christmas cards from our friends, relatives, loveones and colleagues.

the same feeling of warmth was felt whenever we open our electronic cards but nothing can replace the joy and excitement of opening up christmas cards with its post stamps from all over the world; directly coming from the sender bearing their handwritten message of love and good wishes...

We deeply miss our relatives in Toronto especially our lovely grandchildren. They really have such a wonderful family out there. We really hope to see them one of these days... We hope to hug and kiss our little Jamie, Jonah, Sean and Kayla.. Through this, we hope to send our love and kisses to Ka Boyet, Ka Josephine, Che, Monette, Carl, Carlos and Al. God bless you all and may you have a Joyous Christmas and New Year full of hope, good health and happiness...

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