Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The horrible Mumbai bombings this morning had woken me up. CNN has been my constant companion throughout the night while pa is away for work… I used to sleep and woke up each morning with fresh news.. That’s how our life goes.. we’re leading an unconventional family life since we live here in China.. not that i’m complaining.. we’re actually blessed to have this chance to live, study and work here. This is such a place for better opportunities and be a part of a culture which to some still remains mysterious and exotic…

Since everybody is in tune to internet, I guess talking about the bombings is a bit monotonous.. instead, let me tell you why I called our family life unconventional.... Unlike any other family, 2L3Bs are more active at night.. similar to nocturnal creatures, our pa and the boys especially are more productive after 6 pm till dawn..

Don’t worry folks we’re not family of vampires.. the reason is because pa is working as a musician and an operation manager to our Independent Entertainment Co; managing number of bands in various hotels and bars here in China.. Entertainment denotes live performances at night and so that’s it.. while our two sons, who are both college graduates has found themselves more useful in assisting their father instead of utilizing what they learned from their respective universities they graduated. My first born who has a diploma in Hospitality Management tentatively worked in a hotel then QC but really found his interest in computers.. At night 'till wee hours in the morning you will see him in his room fixing the bands’ computers and accepting repair jobs from our friends and patrons.. It amazes us how people rely on him with regards to their computer problems. While our second born, a graduate of Business Administration who also has an extensive administrative and hospitality industry trainings decided to take part in pa’s band.. He’s now a member of R&B band playing in one of the best bars in Shenzhen.. and yes, similar to all band members, they sleep during day time and woke up at night..

So only myself and my daughter who is a college student has a chance to enjoy the meaning of AM and PM.

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