Thursday, July 30, 2009

no good news yet..

we're still in the process of negotiating. i'm not sure how much longer would it take, and if i would end up happy or sad.. :(

this offer and counter-offer we had made to own that house is maddening. this is all new to us.. we built our first home on a cash basis and the process of owning a home here in canada really scares us. we're so naive, we don't even know the jargons they used prior to negotiating with the real estate agent and the terms they used in getting a mortgage; not to mention our minimal comprehension on how it would work on our favor. funny, huh?

our agent who's supposedly protecting our interest is of course on the side of the seller because that's where he is getting his commission. thanks to the good people who are backing us up, they gave us the reason why we're sticking to the price they advised us to offer.

And here's the news: my real estate agent came to my place of work three times yesterday and twice today. He even called my hubby for a meeting tomorrow. I guess this is an indication that the seller is relenting...


Heather Nicole said...

oh no....praying for better news for your family. I was a first time home buyer last year so I know what your going through. There are definetly many lessons learned your fist time around!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dear Heather Nicole,
thanks a lot. please give us more tips my friend.. we really need a lot of advise here..

Joanie M said...

Loida! I haven't seen your posts in quite a while! Good to see you again!

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